“One of the most endearing and grace-filled things about a gift of jewelry, is that not only is it full of expectant emotion for the receiver of the gift, but also for the giver” expresses Betsy. A specially chosen, timeless piece of jewelry is a gift that speaks from the heart. It may be a heart for self, friendship, family or the most delightful heart of true love. Jewelry treasures the exchange of inclusive love in human relationship.

"My art is a creative collaboration of precious, late night memories of my mom and me searching through her jewelry box and the soul-filled conversations that would follow about faith and family. I would hold the tiny treasures in my hand and she would share the beautiful stores of each piece: the coveted sapphire ring from her Confirmation, glow in the dark rosaries from childhood, the wedding band from my Dad, a very cool plastic shamrock charm and the sterling rosaries her Dad brought back from Ireland.

As we dug deeper and deeper into the jewelry box, the conversations deepened as well...God, values, traditions, sacrifice and Jesus. It was an honored and sacred time for mother and daughter. Art sometimes comes from deep and hidden places within ourselves and just waits to flourish. My art is constantly flourishing and looks to honor that precious time."